Projects and Publications

Peer-reviewed Publications

Yaylali, A. (2024). Adolescent English Learners’ Awareness of Disciplinary Writing and Academic Language in Science Classrooms: The Affordances of a Register-Functional Perspective. Journal of Language, Identity, and Education. Advanced online publication. Download this article

Yaylali, A. (2024). A Pedagogical Activity for Developing Pre-service Teachers’ Language Awareness through Dialogue. Journal of Excellence in College Teaching and Learning, 20, Ahead of print.

Yaylali, A. (2022). The Representation of the Common Core State Standards in the US Media. Journal of Second Language Acquisition and Teaching28, 96-112

Yaylali, A., Banat, H., and Novikov, A. (2021, March). Use of corpus-based materials in K-12 language classrooms. TESOL Second Language Writing News. Download this article


Corpus-based materials for K-12 teachers in an asynchronous linguistics course

Teacher candidates’ transformative learning experiences in a linguistics course

K-12 learning experiences in an asynchronous ESL endorsement program

Writing productivity in a doctoral support group

Select Presentations

Yaylali, A. (2022, April) Adolescent ELs’ developing awareness of secondary scientific writing. [Roundtable Session]. AERA Virtual
​             Meeting.

Yaylali, A. (2022, March). How ELs negotiate the linguistic demands in science writing. [Presentation]. TESOL Convention,
              Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA. 

Yaylali, A. (2021, October).Adolescent ELs’ writing experiences in high school science classrooms. [Research presentation].                    AZTESOL Virtual State Conference, AZ, USA. 

Yaylali, A., Novikov, A., Staples, S., & Gill, H. (2020, November 25). Using a corpus to teach exemplification [Workshop].
                Amphitheater High School, Tucson, Arizona, USA.

Yaylali, A. (2020, April 17-21). Common core state standards: A corpus-assisted historical discourseanalysis of media
[Poster Session]. AERA Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA. (Conference Canceled).

Yaylali, A. (2020, March). Representation of the common core in media: A corpus-assisted discourse analysis. Paper to be
                presented at the American Associated of Applied Linguistics (AAAL). Denver, Colorado. [Conference cancelled]

​Yaylali, A. (2020, March 27-31). Representation of the common core in media: A corpus-assisted discourse
                 analysis [Conference Session]. AAAL Conference, Denver, CO. (Conference Canceled).

Yaylali, A., Staples, S., Novikov, A., Palese, E.(2019, November). Bridging L2 writing and academic vocabulary through corpus-
                 based activities. Workshop presented at AZTESOL Conference. Flagstaff, Arizona.

Yaylali, A. (2019, February). A corpus analysis of phrasal features in Chinese L2 academic writing. Paper presented at the SLAT
                roundtable , Tucson, Arizona.

Yaylali, A. (2018, February). Resisting an educational reform movement: A stance and figure analysis in a discussion of the
                 common core state standards. 
Poster presented at the graduate colloquy of the Teaching, Learning, and Sociocultural 
                 Studies (TLS), Tucson, Arizona.