Miscellaneous Activities

Big E Welcome 2022

Eastern Kentucky University Richmond Campus, Kentucky

AZTESOL Board Members 2022

Annual State Conference in Tucson, Arizona

Online Synchronous Linguistics Class during Covid-19

Teacher Appreciation Week 2021


AZTESOL Southeast Region Conference 2020

Conference Planning Team

AZTESOL State Conference 2007
Chinle High School, Chinle Arizona

With MA-TESL colleagues and Dr. Fredricka Stoller at Northern Arizona University

Symposium of Second Language Writing (SSLW) 2019
Tempe, Arizona
With Crow Project team members

AERA Virtual Meeting 2021
Division C Graduate Student Seminar
Meeting with Faculty Mentors and Mentees

Writing Group Meeting

Jen and HQ at the Writing Skills Improvement Program at UA 2022 

Walk a Mile in a Refugee’s Shoes The First Annual Walk in 2018 organized by International Rescue Committee, Tucson, Arizona
Jewish Community Center’s Sculpture Garden